The most original Christmas gift… ever?

What will you buy your loved one this Christmas? Jewellery? Furs? The new Jeremy Clarkson DVD?
Stuck for an original idea? Show you care and put your loved one’s name in the credits at the end of the film. Donate £100 to the music costs and we will send you a certificate showing how their name will be in the credits, so that the special person in your life has something to open on Christmas day. Once the music is cleared you will also get two DVD’s, a link to watch the film on line and 2 tickets to the premier screening near you. Imagine the surprise, the wide smile of recognition when they know what it is, the brownie points you will get for such an original gift AND know you will be helping get an importnat film to the audience it deserves! Everyone wins. Go to the donate page now to order that special gift.