Why I launched this appeal

Nobody likes to have to ask for something from someone, not us Brits anyway. We’re too proud. So it was a tough decision to make, to ask people to donate to the costs of the music clearance. But it was also the last resort, the film has been finished for 2 years, done really well at festivals and had hundreds of enquiries as to how to watch it or buy the DVD since even before it was finished. Yet because of the costs of clearing the music i have not been able to do a thing with it outside of film festivals, not even been able to give anyone a clear answer as to when it would be out to the public.
Originally I hoped that when it was finished the people in TV land would want to buy it and pay for the music clearance. When that didn’t happen i hoped that some festival success would get it a distribution deal and that would pay for the music. Despite winning 2 big prestigious festivals and being screened to enthusiastic audiences all over the world that still didn’t happen, the distributers liked the film but didn’t want to pay for the music clearance. No sponsors have come along, no rich benefactor has come to the rescue and despite some nice people offering to help nobody came up with the cash to get the film out.
So that is why i have launched this appeal, there is nowhere else to go with it now and unless this appeal works the film will never be seen in a public venue. So I hope that there are enough people out there able and willing to give a little bit of money to make the film happen. Like the original parties back in the day i am hoping that people power will defeat the odds. And I have faith, after all there was 10,000 people at the last party in Nelson alone. Each one of us that was there experienced the dream at its pinacle and also the sheer horror of what happens when that dream becomes a nightmare and you are faced with the full force of Her Majesties police. If every one of those people gave £3 then the film would get released. And there were more than 10,000 people who were touched by acid house. Hundreds of thousands across the Uk and the world know how special that time was and millions more experienced the legacy left by that pioneering movement. These are the people who will come and donate to the film. I just need to find them.
After so many knock backs (its taken 10 years of refusing to take no for an answer to get this far) why have i persevered and why am i still trying everything to get it released? Why have i got to the stage where i am cap in hand like a online busker asking for donations? Because I believe in this film. I believe it’s an important social document, one that honestly captures a moment in our collective history that has not yet been preserved in popular culture, for the generation who were there to gloriously remember and for future generations to be able to see. I believe that it goes some way to explaining why this time was so influential to those who experienced it and i believe that it also reminds us what happens when the government, our elected officials, abuse their power, through ignorance or fear or both. This is why i have persevered with this film and this is why i am asking for your support.